How I lost weight the efficient way

How I lost the weight the efficient way

Wellllll...after such a big gap I thought which question did my readers ask me the most and I guess its“how did you loose all the weight? which diet did you follow?and what worked for you?since everybody is unique in their own ways it doesnt mean that what worked for me will work for you too or the other way around my lovely unicorns buttttt what I can tell u is putting sometimes that damnn good tasting cheesecake ( or in my case ice cream, raffaello,white chocolate mousse,Kinder chocolate, daim cake...omg yes i love sugar -.-...) aside and make a treat once a week or even twice a month is not a bad thing^^ I gotta say I struggled a loooottt!!!when I was younger there werent many people who I could ask or reach for (thats why I started this blogg to help others as good as possible) and we werent on the internet that often since smart phones werent that I read a lot about weight loss and tried almost every diet that exist inclusive all those extremelyyyy unhealthy ones( I even did the chocolate diet where u eat nothing but 200g of chocolate per day -.-...craziest thing was I actually lost some weight by doing it O.o...!!!but I gained it back within two days so lets move on to what actually helped me and whats considered to be useful in my eyes^^...soo the diet that worked the most so far is low carb!!!Yes people from atkins to paleo to keto it doesnt matter how many grams of carbs you exactly eat but by purely decrease your carb-intake (like lets say to max 100g of carbs per day...) you will already see some serious major change!!!and doing some exercise in the gym (and I mean apart of taking awsome selfies and pretend to workout on a crazy level like I sometimes do...) will give you some results that are worth the pain!!At beginning I had a lot of fat to loose so I did a lot of cardio and a little strength training but after I got into a certain shape and lost some weight I started incorporating more strength training (especially legs,butt,abs &back)and did less cardio!Also the last 5kg were sooo stubborn and I had a serious Plateau that I started doing Intermittent Fasting where you eat for 8 hours and fast for 16 hours (in my case I started eating at 12 and had my last meal before 8pm so that my body has enough time to digest and recover)and all that helped to look better and especially feel better :)...I really appreciate some feedback from you🤓☺️soo be good,eat good and feel good!🦄❤️



Omg...nearly two months since I wrote something but to be honest there was soo sooo much going on in my life and a lot of issues that I had to face recently that I wasnt able to sit down and write something😭Im sorry for that!!but I will change this for sure❤️one of my biggest problems that I have are my health issues...I got some serious deficiencies in Protein, Magnesia etc. I think before working out we should make sure that we get all the nutrients that our body needs before we put our body under this pressure...I used to take a multivitamin that contains also some Minerals like Iodid, Biotin and so on that provides my body with all the minerals that I need..however I didnt had the time to rebuy it (simply forgot it...) and thought that I can continue without taking them and yes here I am...I got some severe muscle pain in my breathing/chest area and its really not a nice feeling...I dont recommand this to anyone trust me make sure to eat good before hitting the gym...nobody wants this kinda pain...I do recommand taking multivitamin tablets cause nowadays we are all so busy and trying to eat healthy is the key but sometimes we get in trouble and in a stressful situation we easily forget to eat and drink all the essential Vitamins & Minerals we need and therefore „Burgerstein-Cela“ is really a good one!I took it for 6 months straight and I gotta say its really a good product and suited for contains zinc (which I need for my „stress-acne“), iodid (for my thyroid), biotin (for my nails and hair), iron (I always had an iron deficiency so this supplement is key!!) and many many more really good and essential elements!!!😍...sometimes I simply dont have the time to check if I really ate all the things my body needs and with this supplement Im on the safe side...And for my protein issue I will need to eat more chicken, eggs,tofu,etc...Im not a big fan of proteinshakes cause my body gets some serious digestive problems whenever I take it😅...With this blogpost I dont wanna spread the message that you dont have to focus on a healthy eating habit and just take tablets!! Focus and try to be as healthy as possible cause without a good diet all the workouts will be a waste of time!Butttt sometimes there are some „helping-tools“ that can make our busy life a little easier and can support us in our healthy lifestyle journey such as supplements like the ones from burgerstein!Nowww at this point I wanted to thank you for all the sweet and supportive messages I often get!!Im really happy and thankful that there are people like you who do support others in their ventures!!❤️❤️❤️Thank you sooo soo much!!And if you got some questions dont hesitate to contact me☺️ have a nice day😘❤️

Eating sweets...

know i havent posted anything for a long time although i wanted to write on a weekly base...but the last couple of weeks havent been easy for me and i had so many things to do that I unfortunately had to skip this...but I missed writing blogposts soo much and I thought to come back with a sweet topic which is also kind of a ritual of myself that i always do after an examtime :)...dessertt-time!!i love trying out new recipes and create simple desserts for me and my family and this time i did the raspberry-tiramisu...before i continue with the actual dessert i wanted to write about eating sweets while trying to eat healthy!people do ask if i never had to struggle with the famous jojo-effect after loosing weight and i gotta say first of all it took me such a looooonngg time to loose all that excess weight and second i never prevented myself from eating sweets...i got a sweet tooth and I think eating healthy means also to eat sweets occasionally!the key is to eat it in moderation and not too often!healthy eating doesnt mean to avoid the little joy that food can bring to means to eat all the healthy vitamins and nutritions that our body needs and if you feel to eat some chocolate go and get yourself some but keep the portions in mind and under control!In my eyes eating healthy means also eating with pleasure and not only sticking to broccoli and chickenbreast...cause its not about how hard you stick to this healthy eating plan but how consistency you are!and you wont stick to it very long if you only eat that broccoli and chicken...noooww after this quiet long side note lets go back to my dessert🤣...i love everything about berries and my family as well so i thought to do a raspberry tiramisu which you can do within 30minutes!!!:)...

-500g mascarpone
-250g low fat quark
-100ml cream
-300g frozen raspberry
-150g sugar
-1 lemon
-Approx. 40 Sponge Finger Biscuits
Instructions: Heat up and cook the frozen raspberries in a pot until it gets mashed. Squeeze the lemon juice and add them to the raspberries and put the sugar into it as well. Put this mixture aside and start mixing up the mascarpone and low fat quark together. Beat the cream until its stiff and put that into the mascarpone-mixture. Now you can mix up all the ingredients into one bowl. Take a baking dish and do one layer of sponge finger biscuits and put half of the mixture onto it. Then put a second layer of sponge finger biscuits into the dish and finally add the rest of your mixture on top. Put the baking dish into the fridge and let it stay for approx. 6 hours. Take it out decorate it as you wish for example with fresh raspberries or grated coconut et voila!Have a nice Sweet❤️

Avoiding mistakes is the biggest mistake


As some of you might know i recently celebrated my 27th bday and had a brief review about my entire life with all the ups and downs! If I should be honest with you im happy about everything!Every single mistake  i made, every choice and every decision i happy because they made me who i am today...not that long time ago i felt shattered and down...but soon i realised that crying all the time wont heal your wounds and nothing will change!my mum always used to say fight!it doesnt matter that you are a girl you gotta fight in your life in order to achieve anything!dont think that you arent able to do that and never let yourself say that you cant because you're a girl!my mum is a feminist and i grew up under certain circumstances!and i think thats the reason why i stand up everytime to try to perform even better!i dont care what others might say or think about me!its my life and I have to live it in a way where i feel satisfaction!im simply not able to throw away my thoughts and my interests and everything just because of the idea that certain people wont like it...I now know what I'm capable of doing and what my willpower can cause and change and without doing any mistakes i wouldn't know it!I admit when I was younger i was afraid of doing mistakes and what others might think about me but soon i realised that life is more than this!life is about living and chasing your dreams and reaching your goals!I don't say that making mistakes is the best thing you can do but try to get along with the idea that mistakes will come across your life and be willing to learn from theses mistakes in order to become strong and grow. Trust me you will learn more about yourself,about your willpower and energylevel and also about forgiveness but the most important thing is mistakes will teach you how to live a life without regrets!❤️As many of you know I used to get bullied by a lot of people in my past and i did some wrong choices but i found the right way and i threw away the thought that it might be important what others think about me!its way more important what I think and that I'm happy with myself!be a fighter and dont give up cause life can be damnn beautiful❤️


my chithappa and sister...

I thought i always blog about tips and advices that might be useful and do not share that personal stuff but its my bday today nd I thought it would be nice to share some special childhood moments with you

my first bday...

I thought i always blog about tips and advices that might be useful and do not share that personal stuff but its my bday today nd I thought it would be nice to share some special childhood moments with you

haha my sisters are gonna kill me ^^...

I thought i always blog about tips and advices that might be useful and do not share that personal stuff but its my bday today nd I thought it would be nice to share some special childhood moments with you

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I stress about stress before there’s even stress to stress about…


I get stressed out so easily if its at school because of the workload or a grade, the situation at work where I deal with lots of things that I have to do within a certain time schedule or at home with the family and the household and all those endless commitments on my to-do list. There’s never " too much time“  for me because I dont have only one single role. We always have multiple roles with multiple commitments like being a daughter,a sister, a coworker, a student etc. A little stress is essential for a human in order to increase its attention and keep one’s performance-level high but what happens when the stressful situation lasts for too long and becomes chronic? Or if the stress-level itself is too high? In order to find out what I can do to reduce the stress-level I need to understand what happens in my body in that specific situation...So what happens in my body when I am stressed out? Hormones such as cortisol, adrenalin and noradrenalin are produced and will get into my bloodsystem and affect the sympathetic nervous system (SNS) which is responsible for up-and down-regulating the living organisms in order to maintain the homeostasis. It puts the body into the „action-mode“ where we responde to something (risk/danger).
There are various reactions caused by the sympathetic nervous system such as heart rate and blood pressure increasement, saliva production gets higher and also our body temperature increases. In order to reduce the temperature we start sweating.
The sympathetic nervous system is the complementary to the parasympathetic nervous system (PSNS) which stimulates the body to rest and recharge our energy-level especially after eating, including sexual arousal, salivation, digestion,etc. But in a stressful situation the PSNS-functions get inhibited. So what can I do to increase the Parasympathetic nervous system-functions? 
  • Physical activities like Yoga, Tai Chi and Qigong are really good when it comes to stabilize the cardiovascular system and solve headache. In a long term you will be able to speed up the process of calming down and get the rest that your body needs  
  • Meditation is a good solution to relieve the physical tension        
  • Moderate Cardiotraining like jogging, walking or swimming do trigger functions of the parasympathetic nervous system            
  • Going out to get some fresh air definetly helps to calm down      
  • A healthy and well-balanced diet is essential if you wanna keep a good balance between the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system
  • Vitamin B1 Deficiency can trigger the inhibition of the PSNS-functions so make sure to take your vitamins daily
Those advices helped me to reduce my neck tension and shoulder pain (i had that problem several times a year and always had to take strong painkiller which later affected my stomach) and now i dont need any painkillers. I hope it will help you too ❤️ 

How to stop being lazy and start exercising?


Exercising is healthy and there are many benefits but it does cost you an effort to do it. But why?why do i have to battle within myself to do something positive?Because we got something called " the inner couch potato or in german "der schweinehund" which can lead us to stay at home and be lazy. Why do we have it? Cause a human tends to choose the easiest way with as less effort as possible. It does cost you way more energy and effort to get up and hit the gym than laying on the sofa and watching tv. There are several strategies that will help you to overcome the inner couch potato and do something good for your body and your mind. Of course there are a few questions that will pop up but i will try to answer them as good as possible.First of all how to start the whole journey since you havent been working out for ages? Make yourself an actionplan with minor goals. The more precise you define them the more likely you will actually do it. For example: I will hit the gym every monday right after my class at 6 o'clock. Buy yourself some nice sports-outfits that will encourage you in this journey!
Try to do it and the next question will pop up: what should i do to keep exercising? Therefore you need to understand that the human body does only work properly if you eat healthy and workout!you need to move yourself in order to function properly...not the exercising is the difficult part but to stick to your actionplan! But once you got used to it it becomes a habit to hit the gym on the regular base. A regular habit is always good but what if someone else interacts into this and asks you out for a coffee?well postpone the coffee and kindly tell them about your actionplan or offer them to join your plan and take them with you into your gym! It depends on how serious do you take it and how easily you ditch your plan...Also if you have been dedicated for a while go for a spa-visit or do a pedicure or so and really take care of yourself and be proud of who you are and what you have achieved so far. 
The reason why im so much interested in a healthy lifestyle is the kind of roles i have!im a daughter, a friend, a student and a sister but im also an aunty and i got a little cute niece who often imitates me and i wanna be a good role model!I think once we are fully aware of how important our actions can be for our surrounding its going to be way easier to adapt a healthy habit. In a world where there are lots of negative factors its time to spread the positive side of life  with enthusiasm, joy and positive energy!Do good and help others especially our little ones to do so as well!❤️

When Life gives you Lemons apply more Lipstick

Lipsticks are one of the first things that comes to our mind when we talk about makeup. In a world where everyone is busy one has not always the time to put on his foundation or do the contouring and highlighting procedure...but we always find time to put a little lipstick on. I personally loovee matte lipsticks and there are many brands offering this kind. When i scrolled through Instagram i saw one beauty blogger wearing an ultra matte lipstick from the brand "colourpop" in the shade "beeper"...that was 2 years that time i thought why not trying it out since it only costs 6 $...the texture is extremly nice and it lasts for suchhh a  long time!!It even doesnt dry out your lips (i had that problem with the mac matte lipsticks thats why i was looking for an alternative)...but the thing i like the most is the plumping effect!Whenever i put it on it plumps up the lips slightly and gives a really nice shape to it. So since almost 2 years im a colourpop fanatique and i get so many compliments about my lips!I personally love nude tones and wear occasionally red lipsticks as if you are into nudes and have the similar skintone as i have (nc40/nc42) then i definetly suggest you the following lipshades(from left to right in the picture): Chi, Monday, Lumiere 2, Cheap thrills, Clueless, Perky, Beeper, Wild nothing, Tulle, Stingraye, Teeny Tiny, Viper, Are&Be, Bad Habit, Saigon, Notion.

The only cons are:

- They frequently change their collection so if you like one shade dont hesitate to buy a few more cause they dont have them for a long time and change them regularly...

- They dont have a store in Europe so you will have to buy it directly from their website BUT the shipping costs arent that high and the company offers regularly free worldwide shipping!!

Website is:

Also i didnt get paid by any companies or so i bought them from my own money and this is my honest opinion...heart

Let your skin breathe

Nowadays with social media we always get confronted with all those beautiful and flawless women and all those heavenmade makeup-brands❤️. Trust me i tried so many brands and i gotta say at the end of the day the best feeling has always been when i removed it in the evening and let my skin breathe a little😅...i realized that its more important to let the skin breathe and feel good rather than looking good as a whole...apart of that i now think that healthy glowing skin is more beautiful and shines brighter than when i put layers and layers of makeup only to cover up dark spots...also i suffered from pimples and dark spots since more than 10 years and to hide them i put on makeup and tons of my concealer without realizing that this could maybe be the reason for my problems. So i started using less makeup and focusing more on skincare and it took me a while to get the skin that i have now but im still far from clear skin🤣...But thats absolutely fine and i feel comfortable now...Oxygen is not only important for our bodies but also for our skin! Let it breathe ladies and get a good skincare routine(will post about mine later)❤️💋

Get on Track

When it comes to fitness its so difficult to find the right "thing" since everyone is different and has other interests but one thing is always the same : the desire of getting fit as fast as possible... lets be honest good and longlasting effects wont come that fast but if we stay dedicated there will be light at the end of the tunnel :) when it comes to weight loss make your own weight loss plan with reasonable "mini-goals" andtreat yourself when you reach a goal (spa visit/manicure/pedicure/anything you like)! Do never forget to treat your body nicely! Unfortunately i wasnt aware of it and i hadsome serious dizziness -problems...but here i will share my experience so that you dont have to get through unnecessary negative whenever i was on a lazy mode and wanted to get back on tracki did jillian michaels workouts cause shes very motivational and the results do speak for themselves!it only lasts 20 minute but its such a powerpacked workout that you will be out of breath at the end of each session!i think if you are not yet into fitness or any physical activities i really do recommand to do this workout at home!after a while when you get used to it you can use some dumbells (1/1.5kg) to increase the level a bit...this specific program is a "one month" program so after a month you can continue with another dvd of her (i think you can find them on youtube)...try it out and share your opinion...❤️

Importance of water

Water is the driving force of all Nature-Leonardo da Vinci

Since centuries the meaning and essence of water is widely known. Wheather its for weight loss,reduce water retention in your body or an effective anti-aging source...water has the power to help us in various ways. Even our body consists almost 70% of water and every cell need it. More specifically spoken its used in everyday functions including the digestion of our food and the subsequent transport of waste and toxins out of our body. Not only water will boost your metabolism tremendously but also give you that glowing skin we all crave for. I think the example with the grapes is appropreate...Imagine every single cell as a plump juicy fresh grape. But a lot of us have cells that looks like shrivelled raisins and thats because we dont drink enough water!Imagine the surface of our cell is less able to absorb nutrients or work effectively which can be the very beginning of our health issues. Think about it...❤️